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Based in Sudbury, Suffolk, I have been a freelance artist the last 3 years and produced a number of pieces. Art is my passion, especially portrait art and since leaving university, I have longed for a career in the art industry. This industry is tough and you won't get anywhere if you don't work for it. This passion has become my business and I follow the saying 'do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life'. Not only do I produce drawings but also paintings and designs for tote bags. The tote bags are handdrawn, then printed on the bags. I did learn skills from university, but I would say my true skills developed once I'd left. I learn't that is wasn't as easy as handing in your CV, then receiving a phone call the next day for an interview. Portfolios, they are the key. Take your time with them. It may take a while to build up but this will show who you are. I would say I am an adventurous person and love to explore the world, as many young people do these days. I hope to explore and draw in the future with art becoming my full time career. So as I know this page on my website is 'about me', I would like to give advice to those who are longing for a career in a similar industry, work hard and keep going, don't give up on the first hurdle, learn from your mistakes and let them make you stronger.

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